Cheltenham Festival Races
Important Details We Know About The Trainers’ Troubles And Plans For The Cheltenham Festival Races
Nicky Henderson, a champion racehorse trainer, disclosed that he’s having troubles in preparing for the Cheltenham festival races that will occur next month. His two horses in the festival named Verdana Blue and Santini weren’t able to run recently because of the reformed vaccine guidelines set in place by the BHA. They have been implemented when the races started again in the UK after a six-day suspension due to the equine influenza outbreak.

He likewise said that the current situation they’re facing is extremely tricky and everyone is having a hard time. Each horse now follows a new routine, and they should also rest for a while. In spite of this, they are dealing with everything daily. Because as a trainer, he believes that this is the ideal thing to do. He is likewise expecting that racing lovers, providers of Cheltenham festival tips, and the general public will trust that trainers know what they’re doing.

Nicky Henderson, and another horse trainer Dan Skelton, are leading this season's trainer rankings at this moment. They mentioned that the Cheltenham festival 2019 will still stay as a remarkable occasion in spite of the equine influenza outbreak. Skelton additionally said that plenty of individuals are still awaiting the Cheltenham races. And although their arrangements have changed, their plans for the event did not.

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